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 Phantom Battery Series

Virtually Invisible Emergency Lighting

The Phantom Series is architecturally designed for unobtrusive use in walls with cavity (dry walls with 4-inch studs) or un-insulated ceilings with horizontal beams or T-bar structures. In normal conditions (stand-by) the unit is completely concealed in the wall or ceiling.

In case of power failure the door of the unit rotates open 180° and exposes the emergency lights (two high-efficiency MR16 lamps) to illuminate the path of egress.

Once AC power returns or at the end of discharge period, the lights turn off and the door rotates closed automatically, driven by a patent-pending, energy storage circuit.

  • 20 gauge galvanized steel back-box
  • Head assembly designed for easy access to internal components
  • Head assembly door and trim plate powder coated in a white finish
  • Finish can be customized on site with paint or wallpaper
  • Provision for 2 lighting heads
  • Choice of MR16 Halogen or MR16 LED Lamp types and wattages
  • Complete 360° head assembly door rotation: 180° to open, 180° to close
  • Slip gear mechanism protects unit and objects against forcibly stop
  • Recessed mount into ceiling or wall with cavities
  • Special bar hangers included for installation in dry wall or T-bar ceilings
  • Includes the electrical junction box
  • Installed on the wall stud or ceiling beam with simple, U-shape bracket.
  • Head assembly includes keyhole slot and quick-connect plugs for easy installation
  • Automatic, temperature-compensated, pulse-type charger
  • High capacity, automatic, dust-tight instantaneous transfer relay
  • Low voltage disconnect prevents over discharge of battery
  • Automatic brownout protection is provided
  • Battery lock-out prevents battery discharge during installation
  • Fused output circuit
  • Units equipped with Improved Diagnostics shall self-test, by simulating a powerfailure, in accordance with NFPA101, Life Safety Code one minute monthly, 30 minutes every six months and 90 minutes annually. For complete information refer to page 7.
  • Recessed illuminated push button serves as test switch and status indicator
  • 12V Lead-Calcium battery
  • 12V Nickel-Cadmium battery
  • CSA-US
  • Unit has a five year full warranty (excluding lamps and fuses)*
  • Lead-Calcium battery has a three year full, plus three year pro-rata warranty
  • Nickel-Cadmium battery has a five year full, plus five year pro-rata warranty
  • *For LED lamps warranty, refer to page 168 paragraph 3.2
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