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Industrial environments can be harsh. From severely corrosive and damp locations to highly explosive conditions, the proper safey equipment is mandatory. Lightalarms has the industrial products you require to meet stringent industrial requirements - from warehouses, factories and NEMA4X applications to the intense heat of foundries.

Exit Signs

Severe™ XV, XVE Series
The Severe “XV” Series Exit is housed in…

Severe™ XV12E & XV24E Combination Series
The Severe XV Combo Series is designed a…

Severe™ XVH, XVH12H Combination Series
The XVH Series is designed specifically …

Severe™ XVHZ, XVEHZ Series [NEW]
The XVHZ Series is designed specifically…

X402 Series
The X402 Series is an explosion-Proof, r…

Battery Units

EXP6N, EXP12N Series
The EXP Series explosion proof lighting …

FG, F12G, FN, F12N & F24N SERIES
The FG Series battery unit was designed …

S12E, S24E Series
The S12E Series battery unit is best sui…

Severe™ V Series NEMA-4X & NSF Rated
The Severe V Series was designed for use…

Severe™ VH Series
Class I, Division 2 Housing 6V-18W & 12V up to…

SP Series Battery Unit [NEW]
NEMA-4X, High-Performance Industrial Battery U…

Remote & Heads

ELF651 Series
Class I Division 2 Certified Remote Fixture

EPF401 Series
The EPF401 Series fixture is designed fo…

Explosion/Hazardous ELF647C Series
The Class 1 Division 2 A, B,C, D - ELF647C a…

Severe™ ELF640 NEMA-4X Series [NEW]
ELF640 Vandal Resistant ELF650 NEMA-4X & NSF C…

Severe™ ELF650 NEMA-4X Series
ELF650 NEMA-4X & NSF Certified

SPR Series Remote Unit [NEW]
NEMA-4X, High-Performance Remote for Indoor or…

Surface Mount ELF647 Series
The Weatherproof ELF647, ELF647D Series …

X402 Series Remote Fixture
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