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Product Categories  /  Battery Units  /  Severe™ VH Series
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 Severe™ VH Series

Class I, Division 2 Housing 6V-18W & 12V up to 72W Capacities Lead-Calcium battery
The Severe™ VH Battery Unit is part of the Severe™ family of Class I Division 2 rated emergency lighting products. Extremely resistant to strong impacts, vibrations and variations in temperature, this family of products is ideally suited for areas with the risk of the presence of flammable gases, or vapors or liquids able to create an explosive gas atmosphere.

  • Class I Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D
  • Lamps shielded by a clear vandal-resistant polycarbonate cover
  • Two fully tool-less adjustable glare-free MR16 lighting heads
  • Front and Back plates are of a heavy duty 1/8 inch thick aluminum
  • Stainless steel tamper-proof screws
  • Surface Wall Mount Only
  • Includes mounting lugs on each side of the housing
  • Backplate included universal knock-outs to mount to any standard 4” junction box
  • 1/2 inch Conduit knock-outs entry on both sides and top of housing
  • MR16 Halogen Lamp, 12V-12W or 12V-20W
  • MR16 LED Lamp, 6V-4W, 12V-4W or 12V-5W
  • Micro-controller based charging circuit
  • Automatic, temperature compensated, pulse type charger
  • High capacity, automatic, solid-state transfer “spark-free”
  • Low voltage disconnect prevents over discharge of battery
  • Battery lock-out prevents battery discharge during installation
  • Fused output circuit
  • Units equipped with Improved Diagnostics shall self-test, by simulating a power failure, in accordance with NFPA101, Life Safety Code minimum 30 seconds every 30 days, 30 minutes every six months and 90 minutes annually. For complete information refer to page 8.
  • Units equipped with NEXUS® self-testing monitoring system circuitry shall selftest, in accordance with NFPA101, Life Safety Code minimum 30 seconds every 30 days, 30 minutes every six months and 90 minutes annually as well as keep a history of all testing logs, plus feature a real-time diagnostics, as well as, be able to locate exact fixture location while notifying service personnel to the status of the fixture via email notification. For complete information refer to page 4-5.
  • Red AC-On LED indicates Ac power is on
  • Magnetically operated test switch allows for quick operational check of entire system
  • 6 or 12V Lead-Calcium battery
  • CSA-US approved
  • Evaluated to UL924 Standard
  • Evaluated to the UL 844 Standard for Class I Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D
  • NEC, OSHA and NEMA compliant for above Classes and Groups
  • Ambiant temperature 50-104F (10-40C)
  • Certified temperature codes for several emergency lamp types
  • Certified for use in damp and wet locations
  • Unit has a three year full warranty (excluding LED lamps and fuses)*
  • Lead Calcium Battery has a 3 year full, plus 3 year pro-rata warranty
  • * For LED lamps warranty, refer to page 168 paragraph 3.2
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